Top Places to Visit in lakshadweep

One of the reasons that make Kavaratti a popular tourist attraction is its 6 km long stretch of lagoon that contains within itself a habitation of marine life.

Kavaratti Island

Kalpeni Island

For the best weather, plan to visit Lakshadweep between November and February, when the rain has tapered off The weather is generally dry and sunny during this period.

Best time to visit Lakshadweep?

Take a trip to this enchanting island of Lakshadweep and immerse yourself in its scenic beauty. The island flaunts its long, sandy beaches that make for an ideal setting for sunbathing, where you can just relax and bask in the goodness of the sun. 

Kadmat Island

One of the popular tourist attractions of the island is the lagoon that the island lies upon, creating the most mesmerizing landscape as it lies along the Laccadive Sea. 

Agatti Island

This beautiful island in Lakshadweep is one that is a popular tourist attraction despite being an uninhabited island. Covering an area of just 2.3 sq. km, the island is a tiny one as compared to the others of the archipelago.

Bangaram Island

Being an island, Lakshadweep can be reached via ships and flights both of which operate from Cochin, Kerala. Flights to Lakshadweep are operational from Cochin and fly to the Agatti Airport.

How to Reach Lakshadweep?