Welcome to Travellingmonks!

I hope you liked my blog. This blog shows various destinations that we all dream of and want to visit. I am a Traveller by choice and a Game Artist by profession. 

Starting with the introduction, I am Rakesh, “AKA Travelling_Monk”, a Rajasthan, India, based travel blogger/vlogger and photographer. I have created this blog for sharing my travel experiences, fulfilling my passion for traveling (as it helps me make money and sustain my traveling journey), and influence travel enthusiasts. Since 2018, I Travelled to Almost all states of India, And the journey continues…

You can also contact me to put your suggestions, thoughts, comments, or thing that you liked or disliked. I would be happy to hear from you. Here are my social handles if you wish to check out them: Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

Happy Travelling.

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