How to Plan a helicopter ride in Mumbai

Mumbai, also known as the “City of Dreams”, holds high expectations and demands for its public, and this city never fails to satisfy the demands of its people. Home to many landmarks, beautiful landscapes, and iconic institutions, this metropolitan city wins the hearts of tourists who crave something extraordinary.

Amidst the list of extraordinary stuff, this city’s Helicopter ride surely marks its way to the top. In this article, we will virtually fly in the skies of Mumbai, and let you serve as the perfect step-by-step guide on how to plan for your helicopter ride in this city.

Plan Your Helicopter Ride

Researching Helicopter Services-

To make the perfect plan you must first understand all the options and services available to you. Analyzing and researching different helicopter services in Mumbai will make it easy for you to select the best service that blends with your tastes and preferences.

Look for reputable companies offering you the best helicopter ride and keep track of their safety records while researching. One of the optimum ways to analyze is first going to their websites, checking and reading reviews of passengers, calling them, and comparing the prices matching with your budget.

Know your Package and Purpose-

Be clear and concise about the purpose of your helicopter ride to select the best package suitable for you for the duration of your ride. It may include sightseeing, photography, a special occasion, a joyride, etc. Understanding your package and purpose will enhance the overall experience of your ride.

Some of the few types of packages are Joyride Package, Sightseeing Package, Adventure Package, Special Occasion Package, and Customized Package.

Selecting The Best Route-

Mumbai is a scenic location sustaining various types of helicopter ride routes to fly over. There are many iconic landmark areas such as the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Bandra-Worli Sea Link, and the skylines of Mumbai.

You can get an opportunity to have a tour of these landmarks from amidst the sky. Planning and finding out the desired landmarks according to your taste and preferences is a great way to enjoy your helicopter ride fulfilling your bucket list of landmarks and not missing out on important ones.

Consider contacting the helicopter service provider and negotiating the routes of your ride.

Checking Availability and Booking in Advance-

It is one of the most important steps in your plan. Helicopter rides in Mumbai are always in a hotspot which makes it harder to book your seats as the tickets get sold out quickly, especially during the peak seasons, it is almost impossible to secure your vacancy.

Schedule and plan your date properly and make sure to book in advance at least a month before the day of your helicopter ride for the availability of seats.

Confirm Safety Measurements-

Your safety should always be your priority while planning your helicopter ride in Mumbai. Always make sure to check that your service provider adheres to the safety measurements and protocols for your rides.

Knowing your pilot as being under the shadow of an experienced pilot automatically increases your safety. It is not only up to them, but your safety is also your responsibility as well. Strictly follow the specific guidelines and wear the necessary safety gear to take precautions during your helicopter ride.

Remember that the rules and regulations are made for the better safety of you only, breaking them will lead harm to you only.

Preparing Necessary Documents-

Your documents serve as proof of your identity. Before the ride, make sure that you have all the necessary documents that would need to be checked by the helicopter service provider.

These documents may be your Identification proof, booking confirmation, and any waivers or consent forms that may be required.

Group Size-

Helicopter rides in Mumbai can be enjoyed with your group as well as solo. Have a clear view of the number of members in your group and check with your helicopter service provider about their capacity and the limitations on group sizes.

Group experience serves as a great way to enjoy your helicopter ride, but private rides are also equally better, allowing you to have a more personalized experience. Research this and you shall find your way to make the best memories of your ride.

Price Considerations-

In the end, everything depends on your budget. Note that the cost may vary depending on the package you choose, the duration, routes as well as the number of passengers in your group, of your helicopter ride.

Understand your budget thoroughly, compare prices with other helicopter service providers and then finalize the one that matches your taste and preferences to make the most out of your money. Prices may vary due to demand and seasonal factors too.


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The key roles in planning your helicopter ride in Mumbai are played by careful research, booking in advance, prioritizing your safety, and sticking to your budget.

Focus mainly on these parts as well as the other steps and you’ll be all good to set sail amidst the vast sky of Mumbai.

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