Travel Tips and Tricks: That Will Enhance Your Journey.

Traveling is all about ‘fun’ until small hassles like always taking the wrong turns or finding yourself wallet-less the next morning can ruin your trip in a second.

To make you truly stress-free and enable you to enjoy your vacation with utmost conviction, here is a list of some travel hacks you can put to use on your next trip.

1. Turn on “Private Browsing” for cheaper flights

Most people have a budget fixed for their trips and all their decisions are governed by that. Hence, if you want to avail the best opportunities backed by some key hacks to lessen the burden on your wallet- here is one ultimate way to do so.

Flight prices change frequently and some travel sites are able to track what you are looking at online, and will raise the prices accordingly. That means if you visit the site more than once, you might find a higher price. Turning on the “Private Browsing Mode’ to look for cheaper flights is your way out of this ordeal.

private browsig for cheap flight

2. Pack smart to save space and carry an extra bag

Good packing skills are life-savior. Ever gone on a trip with someone who knows how to pack everything appropriately while you look at the mess your suitcase is in? The horrors are truly undeniable.

Learn to roll your clothes, pack your belt in your shirt, choose your outfits wisely and bring only what you need. We know that the temptation to pack everything before a trip is truly unbeatable but this time around, try convincing yourself, you do not need ten tops for a two- day trip. Also, keep in mind to never leave packing for the last moment!

Do make sure that you carry an extra big with you for any emergency situation.

bag packing skills

3. Email yourself a scan of all your documents

While a hard copy is certainly important to carry around, sometimes forgetfulness can be a disease that plagues you forever. Emailing yourself a scan of your passport is the safest way to ensure that a copy of your passport is just one click away. Simple steps like these can save loads of trouble in the future.

mail your documents

4. Download Google Maps for offline use

If you don’t trust your data connection or are someone who always likes having backups to feel safe, you can always try downloading Google Maps so that you can use it even when you are offline. All you need is enough storage on your phone. The process to download Google Maps is one simple step- Go on the map to the area you want to save, type ‘ok map’ into the search option and then press ‘Download’.


5. Make sure you dive into the local culture and try not to just keep to the well beaten tourist tracks.

A great way to soak up the local atmosphere is to head to a restaurant away from the main drag, hot spots and ask the waiter to recommend their most popular dishes. Try local cusine and visit local markets to explore the city. Almost a third (29%) of first time travellers revealed that trying the local food was one of their favourite tips to give to friends / family.

local culture

6. Get the lowest hotel rates by booking direct.

Hotel booking website charge hotels commissions of 15% or more, so hotels much rather you book directly with them.

Hotels are contractually forbidden from offering lower rates on their own websites than what they give other websites but if you ask them for a discount or some sort of reward for booking with them directly they’ll normally give it to you.

hotel booking

7. Use public transport to explore locality.

Public transportation is used by diverse people and again, there is no need for over-emphasizing on this point. The odds are that you’ll be able to interact with lots of people from different cultures if you use public transport as opposed to traveling private.

Using public transport can save you up to four times the money you use commuting in your private or personal car. If you use public transport, you have all the room to make friends and enjoy the ride by meeting interesting new people.

By using public transport, you’ll be able to have some of the most memorable and rewarding views.

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