Best adventure activities destinations in India.

Some of the coolest destinations for adventure trips in India, where you can undertake crazy fun-packed activities with your partner in crime. These are some of the best adventure destinations in India for an experience that will simply sail with you forever. If you’re looking for adventure sports in India list, here’s something for you!

Motorcycle Touring – Shimla To Leh


Ladakh is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for an adventure trip in India. If you really wish to explore the countryside with your best mates then go on a motorcycle tour. You can arrange your own touring path or you can join any motorcycle expedition OR Message me, We can also arrange trips during seasons. Most of the rally starts from Shimla and goes to Leh, crossing some of the spine-chilling passes to test your endurance! This is considered to be the best place for adventure sports in India by many explorers! 

Chadar Trek – Ladakh

chadar trek ladakh

The thrilling trek happens on the Zanskar River in Ladakh during the winters when it is frozen. Leh is already one of the popular places for adventure sports in India. Trekkers and adventure enthusiasts come all the way here to walk on the frozen river bed for 8 days till the point of the frozen waterfall. The temperature drops down below -30 degrees. So you know what you are against. If you cannot stand freezing temperatures, it is recommended you do not venture out on this trek as it may be dangerous. Located amidst the Himalayas, the trek routes around this region are some of the best adventure destinations in India.

Bungee Jumping – Rishikesh

bungee jump india

With the highest, 83-freaking-meters of Bungee Jumping podium, Rishikesh is one of the best destinations to enjoy the ecstasy of weightlessness. This is your official ticket to get high – literally! Take delight in this adventure with your friends, while soaking in the pristine water on the Ganges! You can indulge in other adventure sports in Rishikesh, too like river rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, and paragliding. The several exciting escapades make Rishikesh one of the best adventure destinations in India.

Skydiving – Mysore

Skydive india

Once in your life, you must have desired to fly freely like a bird. This is your chance! Go for skydiving and let yourself loose! Scared to risk your life? Go with an expert. Mysore is the best place to undertake this adventurous trip in India with a fascinating view of the blue sky and extreme greenery sprawled across the valley.

Flyboarding – Goa

malpe beach

Goa is one of the best places to do adventure sports in India. But water sports have taken a huge leap here with the launch of internationally popular ‘Flyboarding’. You can do the crazy stunt at Baina beach in Goa.

Paragliding – Bir Billing

paragliding himachal

Bir Billing has become one of the popular adventure sports destinations in India. Located near Baijnath in Himachal Pradesh, Bir Billing is a small quaint town set in the verdant greenery of the mountains. What makes it even more exciting is the opportunity for paragliding in Bir Billing. It is the second-highest paragliding in the world after Chamonix in Europe. So, you have got to give this place some credit. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramas from the sky. The landing site looks no less than a place in Europe.

Parasailing –Vagamon

para sailing india

How about watching an aerial view of Payyambalam beach, Kerala? It would be a thrilling experience to watch the blue Arabian Sea while sailing over it in the sky. You can go up to 300 ft? Whoa! Now that’s some height! Try these adventure sports places in India at Goa, also

Flying Fox Adventure – Thenmala

flying fox adventure india

Travel above the high hills, valleys and rivers in Kerala during a captivating adventure sport called Flying Fox. Looks like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie – you’re tied to a high lying rope that’s tied to the two opposite mountain tops. You swing from one end and reach the other and bingo! You’ve saved the world 😛 This sport will surely make your vacation extremely adventurous. You may also enjoy the trampoline, mountaineering, and a few water sports in Kerala. These and some more makes Kerala one of the best adventure destinations in India.

Skiing – Gulmarg

Adventure sking sports

Skiing in Gulmarg has been considered a fit for new as well as experienced skiing enthusiasts. The snow-covered slopes and terrains of Gulmarg is nothing short of a spectacle. With the ski resort offering classes for beginners and equipment for all, consider Gulmarg to be one of the best adventure places in India. The Gondola rides will take you as high as 4000 m above sea level. Get ready for the craziest trip of your life!

River rafting– Rishikesh

rafting in rishikesh

One of the best times to go for river rafting in Rishikesh is from the months of February to November except the monsoons. Rishikesh as we all know is on the top list of all adventures and is known as one of the best adventure places in India. The experience of river rafting can be the ultimate experience for you and your friends. When water gushes out with a speed that is the moment worth remembering worth a lifetime for sure.

Scuba Diving - Andman


Serene and secluded Barren Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer adventurous scuba diving experience. Dive into crystal clear pristine water and savor the view of coral gardens and fascinating basalt formations that’ll stay in your memory for the longest time. It is a good spot to try adventure sports in India which pertains to water.

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