Amazing Beaches In Gujarat to Enjoy

With the longest coastline of 1666 km, the colorful state of Gujarat is home to several Amazing beaches and temples. Known as the home to some of the best beach holidaying destinations in India, Gujarat beaches allow you to enjoy a vacation in close proximity to Mother Nature. There are several stunning beaches in the state which offer great escapes from the bustling city life and let you relax in the immaculate beauty of nature.

Okha Madhi Beach


On the way to Dwarka from Jamnagar, Okha Madhi Beach is one of the best destinations in Gujarat to relax. The tidy, long beach with thunderous waves, golden sands, coral reefs, and clean blue water is an ideal destination to have fun with family and friends in peace. You can get the ferry from Okha to Bet Dwarka Island which has beautiful beaches and temples.

Shivrajpur Beach

shivrajpur beach

At a distance of nearly 10 km from Dwarka, Shivrajpur Beach makes an ideal holiday destination for travelers with its picturesque view, blue ocean water, and fine white sands. In order to increase the popularity of this beach, the beach management authority has opened several food joints and introduced exciting water sports here.

Nargoal Beach

Nargol Beach

Nargoal Beach is a very rare unexplored beauty spot. This secluded beach, one of the few undiscovered spots in the tourist program, has lush palm trees and greenery all around at Nargoal beach, making the entire surrounding gorgeous.

Sarkeshwar Beach, Junagadh

Sarkeshwar beach

Bordering Junagadh with the neighbouring city of Amreli, Sarkeshwar Beach is a great place not just for relaxing by the beach but also for some fun-filled water sports and activities too. Located at Saurashtra’s southern tip, the beach can be found towards the city’s outskirts.

Miyani Beach

Miyani beach

One among the undeveloped and virgin beaches located at a distance of 36 km from Porbandar is Miyani Beach, one of the top beaches in Gujarat. One can also enjoy other tourist attractions near Miyani beach which includes Sudama temple, Kirti temple, Harsiddhi temple and Brahma temple.

Beyt Dwarka

Beyt Dwarka Beach

Beyt Island, also known as Bet Dwarka or Shankhdhar, is a small island situated around 30 km from the main town of Dwarka. The island is situated at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch and is enclosed by a few temples, white-sand beaches, and coral reefs. All these things make this one of the must-visit beaches. There are loads of activities available at the beach for the entertainment of the tourists, some of the most popular of these activities are marine excursions, camping, picnics etc.

Devka Beach

Devka-Beach daman

This beach is a pure sight of sheer beauty. Similar to other beaches in Daman, this too is a massive beauty and is un-spoilt. This place has clean blue waters along with well maintained shores offering beauty for everybody. A special Amusement park located nearby is a major attraction among tourists that comprises of a play area for kids along with fountains.

Madhavpura Beach


The beach is a perfect place to enjoy an evening, taking in the sea breeze as it is not recommended for swimming. Madhavpura beach is famous for its shining sand and its endowed coconut trees. This wonderful beach presents a sight which cannot be compared with anything else. It’s named after ruler Madhav Rao and the beach has a temple dedicated to the ruler. 

Ghoghla Beach

ghogla beach

Are you looking for a refreshing break with a hint of adventure? If yes, then Ghoghla beach is the place for you. It is located in the North of Diu which is known as the most attractive beach in Gujarat welcoming tourists from around the world. It is a perfect place for a peaceful getaway from bustling life. It is a place where you will find everything you need from eatery stalls to exciting water sports activities like surfing, parasailing, etc

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