Nag Tibba Trek: Journey to the Serpent’s Peak

One of the stylish destinations to escape from the reality of life is the mountains. To witness such a vacation, we’re then to plan your coming sought trip to the notorious Nag Tibba journey in Uttarakhand. Considering an ideal destination for a mountain journey, Nag Tibba is the most notorious and utmost visited journey.

Nag tibba trek

About Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba is located in the state of Uttarakhand at an altitude of 3022 measures, making it one of the loftiest peaks in the lower Himalayan range. Located veritably near the Hill Station, Mussoorie, the Nag Tibba journey is veritably prominent and the most charming journey among callers and nature suckers especially those who love adventures.

How To Reach

By Air: Jolly Grant Airport serves Dehradun domestically, with regular breakouts coming in from major metro metropolises in India.

By Train: The nearest road station is the Dehradun junction, which is well connected to major metropolises from all over India.

You can either drive to Dehradun or hire a hack/ hack to reach Dehradun from Delhi or any other near megacity.
another near megacity.

Stylish time to Visit

Horse Tibba is located in the lower Himalayas. still, if you want to feel the chills and journey through snow, also October to December is the stylish time to go for the Nag Tibba journey. It’s a steep trail that can be veritably exhausting. newcomers should take 30- -nanosecond breaks to rehydrate, and it would be stylish if you always had water bottles and other rudiments. Winter snow covers the peaks and leaves them covered in white snow.

Reasons to Go for Nag Tibba Trek

Wholesome journey Within the 2 days of touring to Nag Tibba, tampers witness most of the effects that a much longer Himalayan journey has to offer – Rhododendron timbers, ankle-deep snow, and amazing views of some of the loftiest peaks of the Himalayas.

Short duration Depending on the route, the journey duration may vary between 2 – 5 days.
Absence of step terrains The Nag Tibba journey is one of the easiest downtime treks in India. The terrain is veritably gentle without long stretches of steep climbs. This makes it perfect for those with little or no trekking experience.

The name Nag Tibba is assured by the original Garhwali articulation, Nagg means snake and Tibba means peak or hill. According to an old mythological tale, Nag Tibba hill is the hearthstone of’ Naag Devta’. The journey is also called by the name Serpent’s Trek. The townies believe this a holy place and come to prey then.

The Nag Tibba journey is one of the most notorious journeys in Uttarakhand, not only for its scenic beauty but also for the notorious Shiva Temple at the top of Nag Tibbahill. However, you can easily witness the inconceivable and possibly beautiful snow-covered hills of Kedarnath, Bandarpoonch, if you’re visiting in the downtime.

What's the stylish trekking route to Nag Tibba?

The stylish trekking route for Nag Tibba is via Mussoorie.

  • Trek Route 1 The easiest and the most habituated way to reach Nag Tibba basecamp and Summit is from Pantwari Village.
  • Trek Route 2 The alternate trekking route to reach Nag Tibba basecamp and Summit is from Develsari Village. This route is infrequently used by trippers as it passes through thick deodar timber and is a bit far as compared to route 1.
Nag Tibba camping site

Cheapest Trek Ever

Before the trip, we were sure that we would make it the cheapest, and Yes, we made it the cheapest journey. So, then’s the cheapest diary for Nag Tibba Trek.

Trip Tales in the Nag Tibba Range

In the grasp of Nag Tibba’s sprawling range, The Nag Tibba range, with its rugged beauty and panoramic appeal, came a testament to the participated palms and fellowship formed during the ascent to the Serpent’s Peak.

As the sun shot farewell to the day, casting tinges of warmth over the range, the stylish time for the Nag Tibba journey isn’t just mandated by the rainfall but by the collaborative spirit of the huddle. The journey’s stylish moments, whether under the azure skies or the star-lit night, were woven into the fabric of participated triumphs.

Flora and Fauna

Nag Tibba is part of the Nag Tibba Wildlife Sanctuary, known for its different foliage and fauna. You can spot colorful raspberry species, including the Himalayan monal, as well as wild creatures like leopards and musk deer.

Camping in the Nature Along the trail, there are multitudinous camping spots, allowing pedestrians to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region.

You’ll be suitable to walk through the timbers and take in the views and the original culture. However, summer is the stylish time, If you want to explore this stunning mountain range in peace. You can also hike through the snow. It shows the stylish peacefulness and intriguing trekking paths through deep jungles and meadows, the Nag Tibba trip is an awful treat for adventure suckers all over the world. You will see gorgeous foliage and creatures, lush green mountains, and thick forestland on your Nag Tibba trip, which is bound to make people incontinently fall in love with its beauty.

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