Journey to Kunti Betta: A Trekker’s Dream in Karnataka

Are you looking for a beautiful and scenic trek in Karnataka? Something that will mesmerize you is not a difficult trek but is full of scenic sites, thrills, and adventures. Then, the Kunti Betta trek is the perfect one for you. Only a few hours away from Mysore, it is a picturesque hill known for being a trekking paradise for all nature and adventure lovers. The trek of Kunti Betta has a great mythological significance, so people from faraway places come here to enjoy the treasures and serenity it has to bestow upon tourists. Let’s learn more about this serene hill.

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Understanding the geography of Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta stands at a height of 2,882 feet above sea level. Part of the stunning Pandavapura range, it is visible from a distance because of its distinctive twin peaks, separated by a gorgeous deep valley. The hill was formed by granite formations, which are not only inspiring but also challenging, making it a difficult trekking experience for adventure seekers.

The hill is surrounded by greenery from the sides. It is a haven and a water source for the region. It accumulates rainwater in its natural reservoirs and crevices. Not only is this a source of water for people, but when the sunlight shimmers against these ponds, the sight in front of you is magical.

The myth surrounding Kunti Betta

As mentioned above, Kunti Betta has mythological significance. The name of the hill honors the character of Kunti in the Mahabharata, the Indian epic. The folklore believes that Kunti, mother of the five Pandava brothers, made this her home during her exile. The caves here are still a reminder of everything about the exile and its mythological significance. The caves are the region where they stayed during their exile, and they got a respite from their journey in these caves only.

The best time to visit


Throughout the year, you can visit Kunti Betta early in the morning. The trek here is impressive, and you can witness a beautiful sunset here. However, the best time is between October and March because of the pleasant weather.

To trek to this beautiful hill, you can come between 6 am and 5 pm. After 5 p.m. it is not allowed to come to the hill. It has beautiful trekking trails and provides an adventure rush to all adventure seekers.

Kunti Betta Trekking: Difficulty Level and Experience

The Kunti Betta trek is not easy! It is not excessively difficult, but you will face a few challenges. So, experienced trekkers will find it enjoyable. While beginners, with the help of professional guidance, can complete this trek with ease, climbing this hill is easy.

On your trek, you will go through rocky terrain and dense shrubbery, which offer breathtaking views of the beautiful hill and its surroundings. As you trek further, you will see rock formations, which allows you to boulder and rock climb. If you wish to see a beautiful sunrise, you should climb the hill early in the morning and watch as the sky turns a pink and orange hue, which will cast a magical spell over the hills.

How do I reach Kunti Betta?

For anyone coming from outside, there are three ways to reach Kunti Betta.

By air: Mysore airport is the nearest airport. From here, take a cab to easily reach Kunti Betta.

By rail: Mysore Junction Railway Station is the closest railway station, and from here you can reach the hill using private cabs.

By road: From Bangalore and Mysore, you can use your car or rent a cab to reach the hill. The entire drive will take you a few hours, but the views surrounding you are beautiful.

The best places to visit at Kunti Betta

Kunti Kund
As the name suggests, Kunti Kund is a reservoir nestled in the foothills with crystal-clear blue water. It is surrounded by verdant trees, giving it a beautiful, spellbinding experience. It is the perfect spot for sitting and dipping your feet in the cold water as you enjoy the solidarity here.

Kunti Temple
Near the end of the hill, there is a temple in its original condition, which many people visit every day. It is an essential pilgrimage place for people to offer prayer and seek blessings. Ensure you visit this place and the temple before you go on your trek.

Parikrama Point
It is the point of offering a panoramic view of the entire place. When you stand here, you get to enjoy the bird’s-eye view of the entire region. The lush green trees, mist, and hills engulfing the entire place make the view just wow.

Thonnur Lake
There is one more place you need to visit, which is only 10 km away from the stunning Kunti Betta hill. It is a beautiful lake with cold, replenished water, and lush green trees all around. Another place to spend some time alone in peace.

Things to do other than trekking at Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta also gives you an exciting opportunity to set up camps and have a beautiful stay in the lush green surroundings. Camping here feels like you are in nature’s lap. Thus, bring your camp and set it up here to enjoy the view.

Rock climbing
The rock formations here provide you with the perfect opportunity to rock climb. If rock climbing interests you, do come here to take part in this adventurous sport.

Kunti Betta is a trekker’s dream because it provides such an impressive view. The best part about Kunti Betta is that it provides something for everyone. A history buff can spend some time in the caves to seek answers related to the Mahabharata. Trekkers and campers can come here to trek the hill and set up camp, soaking themselves in nature. Thus, the hill offers something for everyone. Once you reach the hill’s top, you enjoy the views of the sweeping vistas while facing the cool breeze and taking in the view.

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