Winter treks in India which will blow your mind

Winter Treks, strolling along an idyllic trail, unfolding the magnificent scenery with each step, savoring the melodious sounds of nature chirping and covering the area with thick snow over meadows and bushes and forests of oaks, deodars, and pines, glowing with the dawn sunlight!

It’s a dreamy cold, but the mood is uplifting. Winter treks can be challenging and engaging, with snowy terrains and stunning views of snow-covered mountains. They are challenging, often moderate but can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Some people prefer to avoid such trips, however. You have to be strong, fit, and have a strong immunity to conquer any obstacles you confront during your trek. However, many trekkers and travelers prefer snow trekking to have a great time. India offers a variety of places where you can experience snow treks even if you are not an expert. Let’s look at some stunning winter treks in India that you may want to include in your options for an exciting winter experience.

1. Kedarkantha Trek

kedar tal lake trek

The most acclaimed winter trek in the Himalayas, Kedarkantha is a complete package of enjoyment and adventure. The  Kedarkantha winter trek is among India’s easiest snow tours of winter to take on, and almost the entire trek is gentle climbs and descents, except for the final lap, which is a grueling uphill trek. Beautiful snow covered trails, snow-covered slopes as well as exotic flora and fauna, holy Lake " Juda ka Talab" (formed due to drops of water falling from Lord Shiva’s hair), breathtaking campsites, as well as a 360-degree view of the massive mountain from the Kedarkantha Summit, Kedarkantha trek provides everything that a hiker could imagine. The sacred summit of Swargarohini is considered the gateway to heaven and is among the most stunning attractions of the hike. Kedarkantha is an ideal destination for skiing in winter.

  • Altitude- 12500 feet
  • Region- Uttarakhand Himalayas
  • Trek Level- Moderate
  • Distance- 28 km
  • Duration: 6 days and 5 Nights
  • Points of beginning and ending- Sankri

2. Brahmatal Trek

bhramatal trek treks

Brahmatal trekking will amaze you with the splendor of not just two mountain lakes set in the most stunning landscape of the Himalayan mountains. Lake Bekaltal, located between tall oak trees, is stunningly gorgeous in its beautiful frozen beauty. Brahmatal, also known as “The Lake of Lord Brahma,” is protected by magnificent Himalayan mountains. A single oak tree that overlooks the lake offers you the ideal companionship in this place of tranquility.

The gorgeous campsites near Bekaltal and Brahmatal are the most memorable parts of this hike. The Brahmatal summit is awe-inspiring, with a view from the front seat of majestic Himalayan mountains that rise over 7000 feet. The Brahmatal trek is the new snow trek in Uttarakhand which is attracting trekkers from all over India.  You will navigate upward-facing trails, steep slopes, and moderate climbs and gradually descend as you complete this enchanting winter trek through the Himalayas.

  • Altitude- 10,000 feet
  • Region- Uttarakhand Himalayas
  • Trek Level- Easy
  • Distance- 35 km
  • Duration: 6 days and 5 nights
  • Points of beginning and ending Lohajung

3. Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek

Also known as the Lord Curzon Trail, Kuari Pass is a great trek for novices. The trails have majestic meadows, open peaks, tall oak trees, deodar, maple, and chestnut. The moderate- level tour goes with gradual climbs and descents, except for the last stretch of the trail, where you must traverse a bridge that is covered with frozen.

The main attractions of this trek are breathtaking panoramas of mountains like Nanda Devi, Trishul, Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, and Changbang. The combination of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi near Devprayag is among the main tourist attractions on the trek.

  • Altitude- 14,000 feet
  • Region- Uttarakhand Himalayas
  • Trek Level- Moderate to Difficult
  • Distance- 26 km
  • Duration: 6 days and 5 nights
  • Points of beginning and ending Haridwar

4. Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake in Winter

This amazing trek takes you through the stunning State of Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful mountain trails lined with dense forest keep you interested. Gorgeous panoramas of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountains captivate you throughout the trek. The stunning Prashar Lake, situated in the valley shaped like a saucer within The Dhauladhar mountains, is a joy in winter. The frozen water that flows from the lake sparkles in the light, while the snow-capped mountains that protect the lake shimmer with enchanting shades of orange and golden in the morning and dusk.

In the evening, the lake appears stunning with the silver glow from the moon’s light. Another attraction of this hike is the three-story Pagoda-designed temple that is dedicated to the saint Parashar, situated on the banks of the lake. The temple is sacred with stunning wooden structures and continues to attract visitors throughout the year.

  • Altitude- 9000 feet
  • Region- Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh
  • Trek Level: Easy- to Moderate
  • Distance- 17 km
  • Duration: 2 days and 1 Night
  • The nearest airport- is Bhuntar Airport, Kullu
  • End and Start point Mandi

5. Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Chanderkhani trek

A truly beautiful hike that leads you through the pine groves of deodar, Golden Oak, and cherries, Chandrakhani Pass is one of the most beautiful passes in the country. It is a hidden trail winding through a snow-drifted forest of oak and fir trees.

The stunning communities in Naggar, Rumsu, and Chandrakhani Pass are the major highlights of this trek blanketed in snow from the beginning of May. From the Chandrakhani Pass, you will be amazed by the breathtaking panoramas of Deo Tibba, Indrasan, Barabangal, Hanuman Tibba, Parvati, and Pir Panjal peaks. The trek consists of gradual climbs and steep hikes uphill. Besides providing the most breathtaking views, Chandrakhani Pass is rooted in mythology. The legend tells the story that Jamlu (the local god in Malana) used to carry the idols of the Gods with him in his basket. An intense blow of wind took the idols across various directions across the mountains. This is why the mountain peaks are known under some of the gods known as Hindu Gods and considered sacred.

  • Altitude- 13,000feet
  • Trek Level- moderate
  • Region- Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh Himalayas
  • Distance- 25 km
  • Duration: 3 days and 2 Nights
  • End and Start point- Patlikuhl
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