Waterfalls in Rajasthan that will make you Stunned!

Rajasthan is one such place in India that has to be visited by everyone at least once in their lifetime. This is a place of the Royals, and everything here is imperial. The food, the camel safari, and some of the mesmerizing waterfalls; Rajasthan has it all. We all have heard and read that Rajasthan is a dry area but, here in this write-up, we are going to take you around some of the best waterfalls that are tucked deep inside the bosom of this princely state.

Bheelberi - Rajsamand/Pali

bheelberi waterfall rajasthan

One of the most extraordinary jewels of undisturbed natural habitat is a waterfall. BheelBeri Waterfall Situated at a height of 55 meters, Bheelberi Waterfalls is regarded as one of the highest waterfalls in Rajasthan. The place lies on the borders of the Rajsamand and Pali districts. It gets abounding during the rainy season. This is when you can have the gorgeous sight of a full-fledged waterfall rushing through the rocks and down the stream. Water flowing here is harvested by Revuia tank that results in a beautiful wetland.

BheelBeri Waterfalls is a part of a little known wildlife sanctuary, the Todgarh Raoli Sanctuary. Hence, it is home to a variety of animals like Leopards, Indian Gazelle, Indian Wolf, Blue Bull, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Hyena, Ruddy Mongoose, Sambar and Four Horned Antelope.

So, ultimately, your trip to BheelBeri Waterfalls unravels many more things to discover. Todgarh Raoli Sanctuary is one of the most underrated yet absolute wildlife refuges of Rajasthan. Established in 1983, it stretches along an area of 495 sq km spread over Rajsamand, Pali, and Ajmer.

How to Reach here?

BheelBeri is almost 3 hours drive from Udaipur. We can either take a bus or hire a cab to the place. First, we need to cross Nathdwara, Rajsamand, and Devgarh. Further, taking a left turn at Puthiya Kheda comes the NH-8 Delhi-Udaipur highway. The sanctuary is only 6 km from this highway.

The closest railway stations from the Bheelberi are Marwar Junction Railway Station (43 km) and Pali-Marwar Railway Station (75 km).

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/kBLTXRCeWLc5CtQa6

Padajhar Waterfalls - RawatBhata

padajhar waterfall rajasthan

Dreaming about visiting pristine waterfalls is quite natural but, when you actually get to see one, your happiness would know no bounds. Well, that is the most significant part of exploring the waterfalls in Rajasthan. There aren’t many water bodies here, but the ones that are there are really gorgeous ones. Padajhar Mahadev is a waterfall and a hidden gem located in the city of Rawatbhata in the Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. It is a beautiful picnic spot where you can spend some valuable time with your friends and family.

It is around 10 Km from the main city of Rawatbhata. The spot is around 60 Km away from Kota and 120 Km from Chittorgarh. Buses ply from Kota & Chittorgarh to Rawatbhata at regular intervals.

Dhrudhiya Waterfalls - Mount Abu

dhrudiya waterfall

This waterfall is really an off the grid point and if you take a day tour to this point with family, you will explore the rustic beauty of Mount Abu. The hill station is indeed a paradise for nature lovers and finding a waterfall in the deciduous forest is like spotting a pearl in the ocean. Nobody regrets a trek to this waterfall, not only you have the glory to witness this cascading beauty but there are several tiny ones too.

The waterfall is pretty close to Mount Abu, which happens to be one of the most prominent attractions of Rajasthan.

Menal Waterfall - Chittorgarh

Menal Waterfall rajasthan

If you have been to Chittorgarh and have not experienced the gorgeous sight of one of the Menal Falls then, you are surely missing something. A tour to Chittorgarh is never complete without going to this gigantic falls that gushes from an unfathomable height. The waterfalls are surrounded largely by a lot of greenery; hence, when you are here, you can enjoy the sight of wide species of birds and animals too. The water here falls from an approximate height of 150m. Hence, you can just imagine the beauty of these falls during the monsoon. The river Menal gives birth to this waterfall; thus, the lovely name Menal Falls.

Menal is a small village situated in the district of Chittorgarh located on the Chittor-Bundi Road about 90 kilometers from the city.

Gaipernath Waterfall - Kota

waterfalls in rajasthan

This is one of the waterfalls one must plan to visit when you are in Rajasthan. The water here gushes beautifully, offering one of the best sights for the tourists and visitors. Located in Kota, this waterfall is a ravishing beauty, and you must definitely go there during the monsoon.
Trekking to this waterfall is one of the nicest things to do when you are here because one must climb approximately 300 steps.

Around 23km away from Kota, Gaipernath is located on Rawatbhatta road. This magic of nature is actually a hidden gem with geological wonders.

Bhimlat Waterfall - Bundi

Bhimlat Waterfall

Bhimlat falls can easily be called an oasis in the land of desert. Located in Bundi which falls at a favorable distance of 206 km from Jaipur, It is a great weekend getaway.  The water falling from a height of 60 meters and making its way into the sea-green lake on the foothills of fall. Amid the dry desert land of Rajasthan, everything along with the gushing water is delightful. Visiting this waterfall during the monsoon would be splendid because the water falling from a great height creates a melody to your ears.

The driving distance from Kota to Bhimlat WATERFALL is 73 km.

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