Harihar Fort Trek

Sahyadri ranges in Maharashtra consist of more than 500 forts. What a kingdom it must have looked when these forts would have been in great conditions, structurally proper. Sadly most of them are dilapidated now.

Some are difficult to climb and some are easy. One such fort is Harihar fort, built near Nasik region of Maharashtra, the fort used to be watch tower for neighborhood areas. Easy and rich in nature trek is Harihar fort.

Harihar fort trek - Start of Journey

Take a train from CST Mumbai to Kasara and then a local vehicle from Kasara to the base village of Harihar were arranged. It was a journey of about 2 hrs.

The huge rock structure of fort can be seen during ascending, It stretches horizontally curving on the edges. Ascending on treks in the early morning is always a pleasure. The early sun rays illuminating the earth with golden light reflecting on us through trees and rocks, how calm; how peaceful and what different feeling than an early morning of metro urban cities. The World is simple here.

Nature never let us miss the scope of capturing the moments of its existence, Treks like these converge the nature which exists timeless with the technological advances of humankind, well heavy the sentence may sound but I am talking off camera. Capturing such moments into that box is just making these moments memorable.

The fort is actually built on this plateau. The Fort from this point looks like a giant rook, placed on the chessboard of earth, standing heavy, balanced, and guarding its kingdom. From here one has to start climbing rocks, which is quite easy, but always precaution is insisted.

harihar fort trek maharastra

Deadly Climbing Steps

After a few climbs, there are narrow steps carved on a quite vertical surface of the rock.

This rock stands tall as a castle to guard. Climbing the steps you reached to the door of the fort. The door is colored saffron, which looks quite distinguished in the dark-colored rocks of the fort. Walking through the door, you moved forward, into a tunnel which needs to climb across and Zig- Zag, to reach a plateau of the fort. Here several ponds of water can be found.

From the wall of the saffron door Up ahead in the distance saffron flag of Maratha Empire stands tall and unfurled, flying high. To reach there one has to climb further. Climbing is a little tricky because of slippery soil and then a rock patch. It can be climbed from 2 sides one is quite easy and simple another needs a little use of the technique.

Climbing this you reached the top of the fort, the peak. The top is like a table flat, and in the center, a flag is unfurling. What happens when you reach the top of something? Wonderment in mind than coming back to senses, one wants it to be captured so lots of clicks, a look around from the top down the hill into nature.

How to reach..

Harihar Fort: Watchtower on the route of Maharashtra to Gujarat during Maratha Empire

Height: Around 3700 ft.

Base village: Nirugpada

Travel: From Mumbai reach Kasara via Local Train; From Kasara travel towards Base village via available trax.

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